Tuesday, 28 May 2013

When Hurling's Healthy...

Ever since we discovered the Major is prone to bladder infections, my mum has been insistent, that as an indoor cat, he needs grass to chew on. The vet seemed convinced grass would be of no help and so for some time now, he has instead been on an expensive diet of special food that encourages him to drink more water.

Naturally, in the meantime, my ever persistent and sceptical mum has purchased some cat grass seeds, hoping to aid the health of her furry grandson. We finally got around to planting it some weeks back and were amazed by its speedy growth but less impressed with the results. The Maj has always been a pretty low maintenance cat, provided you're OK with the ginger sheen he covers everything with.

Since the cat grass has been readily available, we've been woken repeatedly in the middle of the night by strange wailing sounds followed by the Maj vomming turd-like hairballs all over the cream bedroom carpet, rather than making it to the wipeable laminate floor that covers the majority of our flat.

We're now in two minds about the Maj's two grass pots, aware grass is supposedly good for a cat's digestive system but wary of yet more nocturnal hairball barf-ups. Having seen an article in this week's Metro, I'm just grateful he's not a tiger!  

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