Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Massage Rocks

We've all undoubtedly contemplated what we'd do if we won the lottery. It's easy to reel off a series of inconsequential material possessions you've always fancied or hypothetically divvy out your winnings to family and friends but how would life actually change for better or worse?
Having once again enjoyed the benefits of Groupon's deals, I'm now certain nightly massages with a trained masseuse are part of my lottery wish list. As someone who has suffered bouts of insomnia on and off throughout the years, the guarantee of regular nightly sleep would have an enormous impact on my quality of life.
After sampling my first hot stone massage this weekend, I was instructed to take my time redressing before returning to the bustle of Otley's market square. Suitably relaxed, I contemplated having the nap I so desperately craved after a busy week functioning on minimal sleep.
Research suggests massage helps to regulate sleep in babies so why not in adults too? There's very little hard evidence, merely advice, but reflecting on how contentedly drowsy Saturday's session made me feel, massage aiding sleep seems like a no-brainer.
The consistently cheap price of massages around South-East Asia is something I sorely miss about being on the road. If massages were cheaper in the UK, I'd undoubtedly treat myself more often – sports, therapeutic, essential oils, Native American style hot stones warming up those knotted muscles... All types of massage rock.

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