Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Meditations On The Passing Of Time

Having been absent for some time, a Hebden Bridge weekend excursion forces my fingers to pound my keyboard once again. Perusing a vintage clothes shop, I came across a pair of black Dolcis shoes helpfully labelled “90s” for anyone not in the know. Recalling the brand made me feel my age and the sober walk home through a booze-drenched Leeds city centre did little to help. I returned home to a Kurt Cobain tribute show, marking the twentieth anniversary since his suicide.

Back in the 90s I was shopping in Dolcis and avidly listening to Nirvana, shocked and heartbroken by Kurt's death. At the time living in my teen bubble, the news seemed like the most important global story and I was sure my loyalty to my favourite band would remain strong throughout my adult life. Today, I still have magazine features published directly after the tragedy and continue to listen to their music but if you ask me what my favourite track is, I struggle to remember what songs come from which album.

Turning 35 this year is a depressing thought but an inevitable marking of time I'm going to have to resign myself to. I'm not sure I've visually aged as much as Krist Novoselic but my lifestyle has slowed in many ways and my outlook certainly altered. Just in the last few months, to a small degree, I've learnt to prioritise and with my exceedingly packed work schedule, have forced myself to limit on-line life. I'm now teaching kids born in the late nineties and surely this alone is enough to make me accept my age. With a wedding on the horizon, I'm gradually becoming the adult I perhaps should have been some time ago but taking the more mature OAP approach “Slowly, slowly...”

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