Sunday, 19 January 2014

No Neknominate

A new year and already more crazes I'm not quite ready to buy into. As someone who has been rather slow and reluctant to immerse myself in the huge variety of different social network mediums available, I'm dubious about what I'm willing to sign on to. I keep getting invites to link up with people on things like Google+ but as I'm already just about on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as managing two blogs and e-mail accounts, there's only a finite amount of on-line time I can manage per day if I want to actually have a life in the “real” world.

Once a reluctant mobile phone user, I'll begrudgingly admit having a Smartphone to check e-mails on the go is now hugely useful. I'm still, however, less sure about all these on-line fads, having recently read about the current “Property Porn” trend and even more mystifying “Neknominate”. With the ever-growing popularity of shows like Grand Designs, I can almost understand “Property Porn” browsing but “Neknominate” seems to be reviving scenes from films like Porky's and Animal House.

Originating in Australia “Neknominate” dares drinkers to find new ways of necking booze to then post evidence on-line before nominating a buddy to attempt to neck their drink in an equally inventive way. Facebook pages state the rules: “Neck your drink. Nominate another. Don’t break the chain, don’t be a d**k...” Swiftly descending into my mid-thirties, I'm more likely to become addicted to “Property Porn” than partake in a “Neknominate” challenge, although my New Year's resolution might just involve avoiding either.

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