Thursday, 3 November 2011

Feline Fetishes For Dirty Undies

Still working from home and distracting myself with Major Richard Parker's idiosyncrasies, I'm becoming increasingly jealous of The Boy's pants. In the past I've had a cat with an unhealthy weakness for crisps and witnessed many who seem to have foot fetishes. Like his predecessors, The Major is a keen sniffer of feet and shoes with a tendency to lie across feet when gracing us with his presence on the bed.

More unusually, he's repeatedly taken a shine to The Boy's discarded dirty pants. He first displayed this bizarre and slightly disturbing fetish when climbing into a laundry basket and crowning himself with said item. Since then, I've discovered him many times lain across the floor cradling dirty undies and have actually started to feel a little put out that my own raw human scent doesn't seem to hold the same appeal.

His liking for pants seemed so abnormal I thought I'd Youtube “cat dirty underwear” to see if it was something exclusively enjoyed by The Major. My findings were quite revealing. There are a number of video clips like the one that follows and in many instances the underwear attacker seems to be a ginger cat! Equally intriguing is the tendency for cats to go for same sex underwear.

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