Monday, 7 November 2011

Everything In Excess

I've lost track of how many Leeds Film Festival Nights Of The Dead I've now been to but every year follows a similar pattern. Before the evening begins I attempt to catch a bit of extra sleep and despite best intentions end up getting less than two hours or unsatisfactory tossing and turning, waking up feeling more exhausted. I take far too many drinks and snacks with me and look like I'm going away for the weekend when I set-off.

Each year starts later than the scheduled midnight start time and gets progressively more delayed throughout the evening – this year finished at 10am. There are always ridiculous competitions between each film led by the same two guys (this year involved a banana eating race) and prizes are not too exciting - generally all courtesy of Travelling Man. Folks religiously bring their worst films to donate to the “Shit Film Amnesty” and the poor bugger whose film gets voted the worst has to take away everyone else's.

Over the years sponsors have changed and a few times the venue but NOTD is guaranteed to sell- out and has become almost more about the vibe than the films with some punters dressing up for the occasion. Loud-mouthed horror enthusiasts shout out remarks and continue to heckle film-makers during Q & As. The same irritating guy shows up every year and from the balcony continues to annoy the hell out of everyone, despite the feelings of other audience members and the presenters being made very clear.

This year was no different. The main four features (Monster Brawl, Little Deaths, Blind Alley, Helldriver) were entertaining but with the exception of Little Deaths, below average. Once again the short films were the most amusing so as I'm away again for a few weeks, I thought I'd keep you busy with a few links to trailers and where possible entire shorts. I decided a few were less worth sharing and sadly couldn't find some but what follows are the cream of the crop:

Tune for Two

Brutal Relax

Banana Motherfucker - trailer

Spoon Wars

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