Sunday, 7 April 2013

Ode To An Easter Missed

It's been a week since Easter's passed and we've returned from our Icelandic jaunt. On the way out going through security in Manchester airport we were held up in enormous queues of people fleeing the country, seeking solace from the UK's unsavoury and uncharacteristic Spring climate. Passing the time faithfully trawling through my copy of Metro I read the world's oldest Creme Egg has been discovered in Cadbury's vaults 50 years after it rolled off the production line but as a Creme Egg fan, I'm even more interested by a cocktail recipe that will eat up almost half my daily calorie intake:

Like Christmas, Easter is a time of family get-togethers and this is only the second one I've ever missed in my 33 plus years of existence. While I travel around the Snafellsness Peninsula, my family will meet for lunch after various groups attend different church services. The most amazing roast you'll ever taste will be followed by the exchange of Easter eggs or gifts, an Easter egg hunt in my Nan's garden and either games of Tennis on the local courts or a walk around the grounds of one of the many local National Trust or English Heritage properties.

As the country's capital city Reykjavik was surprisingly deserted on Good Friday with many shops closed and on Easter Sunday the tiny settlements around the West Coast are eerily quiet. We've had the two Creme Eggs I packed to mark the occasion and are later given a complimentary chocolate egg after dining in a restaurant in Borganes. It is not as impressively ornate as the traditional candy-filled eggs we saw on sale in central Reykjavik's Bonus supermarket. Inside the egg is an indecipherable message in Icelandic I later discover is similarly mystical in tone to those found in Chinese fortune cookies.

I may have missed Easter this year but I've had an awesome holiday and know it'll be the season of the egg on my return to the UK; Creme Eggs will start to appear in abundance in Leeds Market at reduced cost, ready to stock our fridge for the coming months. Bring on their chocolatey goodness...

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