Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Uncanny Likeness Of Family

Bank Holidays are for catching up – catching up with house chores, sleep, hobbies, friends.... Many years ago before the 1871 Bank Holidays Act in the UK we had approximately 33 saints' days and religious festivals to celebrate as holidays. Sadly after 1834 the Bank of England no longer recognised them all and our “Bank Holidays” were reduced to just four: May Day (May 1), All Saints Day (November 1), Good Friday and Christmas Day. After the 1871 Act was passed there remained four official holiday days (Easter Monday, the first Monday in May, the first Monday in August and Boxing Day) but Good Friday and Christmas Day were also recognised as common law holidays. Today, we may not have 33 annual days off work but we do get holiday allowances and more Bank Holidays than they had back in 1871.

This year, we spent the Bank Holidays after a hectic Christmas finally catching up with TV shows we'd recorded and generally trying to recharge the batteries before work commenced. We've long been a fan of Misfits and watched both the film of This is England and the mini series set in 1986. This Monday we finally got round to watching This Is England '88 and a revelation was made.

People constantly seem to be searching for lookalikes. I can recall several recent conversations that have centred around saying who people in the room remind us of. I am even guilty of finding a bizarre resemblance between certain people and types of fruit and vegetable. Watching This is England '88 when The Boy said the character of Harvey looked just like Kelly from Misfits I couldn't help but agree. One quick IMDB search and all becomes clear.

Arthur Conan Doyle said: "Streams may spring from one source, and yet some be clear and some be foul". In Michael (Harvey) and Lauren (Kelly) Socha's case their family resemblance is uncanny:

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