Thursday, 6 October 2011

Drowning In Life's Dramas

Everyone has bad days when everything seems to go wrong and it's impossible to shake that sluggish feeling. Today has been one of those days so somewhat distracted and unfocused, I decide to treat myself to the end of season three of the excellent United States Of Tara.

I find it hard regularly keeping up with TV shows and continuing to have a life away from the box so often watch programmes in large chunks once a season or series has ended. As usual, I've finished season three of Tara months after the last episode was televised.

It's common knowledge that the appeal of magazines with real life and “true” stories lie in our own failing self-esteem. People generally read these stories in the hope that the subject has a sorrier life than theirs, to make themselves feel better and less freakish. Watching Tara was supposed to have a similar effect.

For anyone who doesn't know the show, get watching! It's a comedy-drama, created by Diablo Cody (Juno, Jennifer's Body) with Steven Spielberg as Executive Producer about a suburban mum (Toni Collette) coping with dissociative identity disorder:

Collette unsurprisingly picked up two awards for her outstanding performance as the titular character.

More surprising, was the news I read after watching season three's final episode. Rather than providing me with the warm cheesy glow I craved, the final episode left me feeling drained and of course, wanting more. A quick google search and I discover the show has been cancelled, despite one website's dubious advertisement for DVDs of season four! Why Tara is no more remains a mystery – the first season had ridiculously high ratings and after just a few episodes of season two, the third was announced.

Discovering a favourite show is ending is always a hollow blow, especially when you've invested so much time with the characters and feel almost part of their lives. Studio bosses never consider the viewer when axing shows with unresolved plots. I just hope, like Prison Break, a TV movie is made to tie-up the many loose ends and in the meantime, may even join the Tara facebook campaign for its return.

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