Friday, 8 April 2011

Consistently Inconsistent

You expect a level of consistency from chain stores and from big corporation names like Cineworld but I've repeatedly been frustrated and surprised of late. Being a monthly Unlimited Cineworld member is great and on the whole I can't fault Primani's pricing but...

I initially signed up to the Cineworld package that excludes central London cinemas and now it has been over a year, I've found myself slipping into the routine of heading out to West India Quay or Wood Green. As both journeys take approximately half an hour from Angel, neither are particularly inconveniently far and probably not that different to journey times to the more centralised branches. In addition, I find my Wood Green trips particularly useful when a weekly shop is needed. Slightly out of central London, Wood Green is full of cheap shops and rather than moderately sized Waitrose, Sainsbury's and Tesco, there's the option of trawling around a huge much cheaper Morrisons or the quirky budget-wares Lidl randomly stocks.

I've moaned about Primark in the past when around Christmas they sneakily ripped off the printed tags of onesies and hand-wrote a higher price as if they'd been reduced. I've also been frustrated to find clothes in the sale in one shop but still marked at full price in another but this last week really went beyond the bizarre when Wood Green's Primark seemed to be charging £17 for a non-sale Maxi dress, priced at £15 in three other stores!

Cineworld in Wood Green is equally as strange in its ticket policy. When I first went to this branch, it was possible to buy tickets for two or more films at the same time but after several trips there, I was told this was no longer the case and a manager confirmed this inconvenient policy alteration. Naturally, this isn't the case in other Cineworld branches – just Wood Green!

Of course if pushed for time between films as I often am, it's possible to just buy tickets for one film at the counter and then move on to the popcorn or ice-cream stands to get further tickets. Ridiculous but true - and a tip I've shared with equally annoyed Cineworld customers, I've spotted spouting the same argument I first tried. If both films are downstairs, you can also just jump between screens with only one ticket because despite staff being ridiculously over-the-top upstairs and refusing entry with carrier bags, no-one seems to care once you're down the escalator – a particularly annoying oversight on Cineworld's part when giggling teens film surf, creeping into higher certificate films.

Now I've spotted these inconsistencies, I'm always on the look out for other places equalling the illogical heights of Cineworld and Primark. It's like the elusive and misused apostrophe I'm instantly drawn to on badly-written signs.

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